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The Grugs

Your objective in this physics-based 2D running game is to assist The Grugs in escaping for their lives. They are being pursued by various extinct creatures that you must avoid. The game features 32 unique level designs and four biomes, allowing you to traverse numerous paths. Concurrently, you must amass treasures as you progress. The game mechanics are comparatively uncomplicated, requiring the player to sprint, leap, slide, and glide through a highly immersive environment. Moreover, they are required to vanquish every enemy that appears in their path.

In addition to gathering sustenance for your family, your character must run while evading impending dangers such as boulders, ravenous dinosaurs, and lethal spikes. Additionally, to truly make your grotto your home, you must embellish it with an assortment of items you've discovered along the snow rider 3d way. Engage in an exhilarating adventure experience by following the biomes map as it directs you through a primordial treasure search.