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Banana-Split Revenge

Achieve Family Salvation Through Banana-Split Revenge
You progress through 37 thrilling and action-packed levels in My Friend Pedro. Furthermore, the sequel by DevolverDigital is jam-packed with unprecedented adventure, as Pedro's spouse and children are abducted while he is presumed deceased.

Are you prepared to rescue Pedro and his family? You must subsequently sprint, leap, and glide your way through a lengthy and meandering labyrinth. However, remain vigilant for adversaries who are also prepared to murder you. Utilize your weapon in self-defense, and heed his instructions to achieve triumph.

How to Facilitate Pedro's Retribution
You must initially embark with Pedro on an unprecedented geometry dash subzero expedition. He begs your assistance in locating his adversaries while you become his weapon to rescue his wife and children. Your talents will undoubtedly be required to locate the adversaries. Second, avoid these foes in order to prevent yourself from being injured or slain. Assist Pedro in carrying out his vengeance in support of his family.